lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

ENGLISH CLASS - JOURNALISM / Topic: Concert - Charly García

About an hour and forty minutes of rock, memories and present. "Charly Garcia, the largest return of" praying the persistent advertising in the days before the concert on Saturday 21 November at the Coliseum Rumiñahui Quito. And on the stage musical remains showed that the largest.

A very controlled Charly, just a chair and a microphone to the floor, marked Charly distance that can destroy the big picture if the sound did not match their music. This happened in the last visit we did, which was even arrested and held for several hours in the pretrial detention center. Argentine rocker did not forget that episode, and in his few interventions with the public commented that she is back, this time off.

Why Charly Garcia is one of the main role of Argentine and Latin rock? If there were still enough questions go to the concert and attend a concert with great power, with neatness in interpreting the force on guitars and keyboards, with its lyrics echoing as present later this 2009.

Charly moved slowly, with care for the stage, the image of that unbridled rocker lacked some of the attendees, who reminded those out Charly's own follies, but satisfied with the recital. The music tour discography most Argentinean multi-instrumentalist, even one of the fundamental Serú Girán. But as mentioned in the steps of Rumiñahui, if we want to hear everything from Charly, we would need more than ten concerts.

The largest return was sealed with two returns to the scene of Charlie and his band closing with recent issues, most chanted one, the "Deberías Saber por qué?." In our audiovisual room hanging from the weekend we record the concert, to relive those moments a little for those who were privileged to attend, and to enjoy a little bit, they missed.