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ENGLISH CLASS - JOURNALISM / Topic: Ab. Abadala Bucaram Ortiz

This week, for reasons of political thoughts of the past, reminded the Ab. Abdalá Bucaram Ortiz, and I want to do a little tribute to a charismatic leader of the Ecuadorian politics

Family political background

Bucaram is the grandson of Lebanese immigrants. Abdalá is the Spanish of `Abdullah. He grew up playing football in the streets of Guayaquil and later went on to become a successful athlete and earn a degree in physical education. He was also a sprinter in the 1972 Olympic team, the police chief of Guayas and the president of Barcelona Sporting Club, a Football team from his hometown. Besides being a gym teacher, he earned a degree in law and soon began his political career. He used to live in Kennedy Norte, a neighborhood next to the former Simón Bolívar International Airport before he escaped to Panama. He was the nephew of the politician Asaad Bucaram Elmalin, who was mayor of Guayaquil. His sister, Martha Bucaram, was married to former President Jaime Roldós Aguilera, both of whom were killed in an aviation accident.

Early political years

He was the Mayor of Guayaquil, and the founder and member of the Partido Roldista Ecuatoriano (PRE).

1996 presidential campaign

Candidate Abdala Bucaram Ortiz was elected as President of Ecuador. Although Bucaram defeated Social Cristiano Party candidate Jaime Nebot by a margin of approximately 20,000 votes, he managed to win all but one of the 21 provinces.

Time as president

Abdalá Bucaram was President from August 10, 1996 to February 6, 1997. His cabinet was put together by the Vice President Rosalia Arteaga. Within months Bucaram embezzled millions of dollars of public funds. Massive protests led to his dismissal from the Ecuadorian Presidency. He was dismissed by the congress on grounds of alleged "incapacidad mental" (mental disability). Congress passed the measure (44 votes in favor and 34 against) with a simple majority instead of the two thirds required by the Constitution, and appointed congressional leader Fabián Alarcón in his place, bypassing the sitting Vice President Rosalía Arteaga.

This caused a constitutional crisis, during which both were simultaneously sworn Presidents. Finally, Congress requested that the army assert Alarcón's power.

Present life

He fled to Panama City after the corruption charges were laid. He returned Saturday, April 2, 2005, after the corruption charges were lifted the previous day. He stayed in Guayaquil for about two and a half weeks. The corruption charges against him were reinstated after Lucio Gutiérrez was forced to leave to avoid the charges.

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